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NYFC Important Announcement

Important Information Regarding the 2017 Season


Effective for the 2017 season, NYFC will participate in the National Conference under new weight limit guidelines, known as the “Red Stripe” rule.  These rules apply to Peewee, Pony, and Midget levels only.  Smurfs are not affected by this change.


  • A Red Stripe or "X" will be applied to the back of the players' helmet, which designates the players participation as a "Striper"
  • If a striper intercepts the ball, recovers a fumble or an on-side kick, play will continue as a normal football play
  • Offensive Positions - Tackle to Tackle Only (Center, Guard or Tackle). MUST be covered in the formation and MUST be on the line of scrimmage (therefore not eligible to catch a pass). Unbalanced formations are acceptable as long as the sentence above is adhered to. Can be in a 2-Point, 3-Point or 4-Point Stance.
  • Defensive Positions - Interior Line Only (Nose Guard(s) or Tackles). No Defensive Ends. Must be in a 3-Point or 4-Point Stance. No 2-Point Stances
  • Special Team’s - Can participate on Kick-Off Return (front line only), Extra Point (same positions as above on offense and defense) & Punt (same positions as above on offense and defense). Stripers cannot participate on Kick-Offs
  • Penalty for Red Stripe alignment infraction will be “Illegal Participation” - a 15 yard penalty

Weight Limits:

  • Midget 160 Weight Limit, Striper Unlimited Weight
  • Pony 130 Weight Limit, Striper Unlimited Weight
  • Peewee 105 Weight Limit, Striper Unlimited Weight
  • Smurf 85 Weight Limit, No Stripers (Like 2016)

by posted 04/26/2017
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The registration & equipmemt fee for the 2017 season is $120.  The discounted fee for each additional child registered per family is $105.

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