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NYFC is always looking for dedicated volunteers to join the board and help run things behind the scenes so we can keep our boys and girls on the field.  As a board member you will attend monthly board meetings and may be assigned to help out with tasks specific to running the concession stand at practices or games, helping with equipment or field maintenance, coordinating and participating in fundraising events and helping during game day with set up or clean up.

The NYFC Board is comprised of a maximum of 11 members. 

If you are interested in joining the board, please email info@nyfcpolarbears.org.


2018 Executive Board Members:

President: Bob DiGilarmo

Pro Tempor: Kevin Bucek

Vice Presidents of Football: Lonnie Eckert

Vice President of Cheer:

Treasurer: Vacant

Secretary: Natalie Slothower


2018 Board Members:

Mic Barca

Burley Conner

Steve Davis​

Ross Fronk

Cayce Gilbert

Luke Macke


2018 Committee Chair:


Volunteer: Cayce Gilbert

Registration: Cayce Gilbert

Equipment: Burley Conner

Field Maintenance: Burley Conner

Parent Relations Coordinator: Ross Fronk 

Concessions: Michelina Eckert

Social Media Communications: Ross Fronk