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Here are some frequently asked questions about NYFC Football.
How are children separated into teams?
Football teams are organized by age. Teams are structured as follows:
  • Smurf:Age 6 by April 30 of the current year -7 years old, 85 pound weight limit. Exception to the age can be made on a case by case basis. No Striper rule in this age group.  Can move up to Pee Wee if over weight limit for Smurf
  • Peewee: Generally 8-9 years old, 105 pound weight limit, "Striper" Unlimited Weight
  • Pony: Generally 10-11 years old, 130 pound weight limit, "Striper" Unlimited Weight
  • Midget: Generally 12-13 years old, 160 pound weight limit, "Striper" Unlimited Weight


2018 CFA Striper Rules

·         A florescent green 1 ½” or wider stripe to be applied from the front to the back of the players' helmet, which designates the players participation as a "Striper".

·         Stripers are required to have their helmets with them at weigh-ins.

·         The home team will have green florescent tape available at weigh-ins.

·         If a striper intercepts the ball, recovers a fumble or an on-side kick, play will continue as a normal football play.

·         Offensive Positions - Tackle to Tackle Only (Center, Guard or Tackle). MUST be covered in the formation and MUST be on the line of scrimmage (therefore not eligible to catch a pass). Unbalanced formations are acceptable as long as the sentence above is adhered to. At most there can only be 5 stripers on the field. Can be in a 2-Point, 3-Point or 4-Point Stance.

·         Defensive Positions - Interior Line Only (Nose Guard(s) or Tackles). Nose Guard(s) may line up head up or in the ‘A’ Gaps. Tackles may line up head up, in the ‘B’ Gap or the outside eye of the offensive tackle. Stripers cannot be Defensive Ends. Must be in a 3-Point or 4-Point Stance. No 2-Point Stances

·         Special Team’s - Can participate on Kick-Off Return (front line only), Extra Point (same positions as above on offense and defense) & Punt (same positions as above on offense and defense). Stripers cannot be a Punter or an Extra Point Kicker. Stripers cannot participate on Kick-Offs.

·         Penalty for Red Stripe alignment infraction will be “Illegal Participation” - a 15 yard penalty.

·         If a team registers 15 or less players at a given level (peewee, pony or midget), then that team is permitted to use stripers on kickoffs. However that team must use all non-stripers first, then make up the difference with stripers. For example a team registers 15 players, but 5 of the players are stripers. On a kickoff, that team would use their 10 non stripers and 1 striper to fill out their kickoff team.


When do the teams practice?
Practices start the last week of July and run each week for the duration of the season. Football practices generally run from 6:00 to 8:00 pm, Monday through Thursday during July and August. Practice times change from 6:00 to 8:00, Tuesday through Thursday during school.  Football coaches can schedule additional practices at their own discretion.

Does the NYFC provide all of the equipment?
Almost all of it. For football players, we provide everything except cleats, socks, and a 7-piece pad set.  We will offer 7-piece pad sets for sale during the registration process at a reduced cost.  We have some of the best equipment available for youth football. Our helmets are inspected and certified every year by the manufacturer.
Are there minimum requirements for playing time?
No. Players are assessed by their skill level and this dictates playing time. We do not guarantee that each child will play during every game. If enough children register for a single team, a JV team will be created to provide as much playing time as possible for each participant. JV teams have a separate schedule from the Varsity team. JV teams and schedules are usually organized after the first regular season game of the season.
Are scores kept at the games?
Scores are kept for all levels of play except Smurfs.
What rules are followed?
For the most part, PIAA rules are enforced by 3 referees during a game. There are no referees or penalties for Smurfs.
What about Concussions? 
Concussions in football, just like in any contact sport, are a concern.  Recently, there has been a lot of attention in the media about the long term affects of repeated concussions and players returning to the game without adequate time to recover.  We take concussions, their prevention, and their diagnosis very seriously.  All of our Pony and Midget football players and cheerleaders are required to take concussion baseline testing through OSS Health.  This baseline testing provides tools for doctors at OSS Health to properly diagnosis a concussion and return players to the game only after adequate recovery time.  In addition to this, our coaches also take concussion training where they learn to spot symptoms and the importance of rest after a concussion is diagnosed.  For more information on concussions, click here.
Isn’t playing Youth Football dangerous? 
There is a huge misconception that youth football is more prone to injuries than other youth sports. In reality, it is no more dangerous than baseball, basketball,lacrosse or soccer.  It is expected that hard contact will occur while playing, but the risk of injury is minimized because of the equipment that the players wear. We take injuries very seriously and we are prepared for them. For an honest look at youth football injuries, check out this article from USA Football.