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For Returning Participants Only:

  • Information that was previously provided for guardians and participants will be pre-populated for you if you use the email address that you had on file with NYFC last year to create your on-line account. Pre-populated information can be updated or changed.

  • Returning participants from the 2017 season will already have their birth certificate on file with NYFC. It is not necessary to upload another copy of your child’s birth certificate.

  • If you earned a volunteer credit in 2017, this credit will be preloaded to your account for registration. When checking out, if you have a discrepancy with your total due, please email NYFC at info@nyfcpolarbears.org prior to paying.

Team Requirements:

The team assignment requirements for each squad are:


Age as of 4/30/18



Grade in Fall 2018


5 – 7



1 – 2


8 – 9



3 – 4


10 – 11



5 – 6


12 – 13



7 – 8


Accounts and Contact Information:

  • Passwords are case sensitive, must be at least 8 characters and must contain a letter and number.

  • Email Addresses: It’s possible to enter more than one email address for guardians and participants.  Just separate each address with a comma.  For example, MyName@home.net, MyName@work.com

  • When entering contact info for the participant, be sure to enter the primary email address(es), home phone and cell phone that you want that you want to appear on the team’s roster for the child.

  • Cell phone number is not a required field; however please enter your cell phone number if you have one.  Be sure to enter your carrier if you want to receive text messages from NYFC.

  • ID Field: If you are registering a new participant, a family ID will be assigned to you via email.  Please leave this field blank if you are new to the organization.

General Tips:

  • Be sure to print out a copy of the CFA Physical form from our Documents and Links link on our home page. It must be completed and signed by a physician for ALL NYFC participants. The CFA Physical form is due to NYFC at uniform handouts in July.

  • It is our recommendation to only check the Games check box in order to receive reminders of upcoming games. If you also check the Practices check box you will receive a reminder prior to every practice.

Additional Fees:

  • For Football Players: If your child does not own a 7-piece pad set, you will have the option of pre-paying for one as part of the registration process. If you select the pre-pay option, an additional $10 will be added to your total registration cost.

  • ​For Cheerleaders: There is an option to purchase a poncho for the cost of $10 during registration.  Each cheerleader is required to have one with them at all games.  This pre-pay option is in addition to the registration fee and will be added to  your total cost.