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Zero Tolerance Spectator Rules of Conduct

Youth football is for the development and participation of young children.  Football games are contests that allow our children to learn to honor the game of football.  On the field officials penalize players and coaches when rules are violated and behavior is unsportsmanlike.  Off the field, there are no officials to penalize spectators whose behavior becomes unacceptable due to stress and emotions.

   In the past adult behavior that was entirely unacceptable resulted in the expulsion of organizations, adults and guilty persons from the CFA.  Think about that for a moment.  Children were denied the privileges of participating in CFA youth football because of some adult’s inappropriate behavior.  We cannot have this unfortunate situation because it is unfair to our children.

  Accordingly, effective August 1, 2011, the CFA, in order to protect the reputation and the participation of our children, hereby adopts the following to be enforced by all CFA Associations.



No Profanity is allowed

No intimidating language or actions shall be directed toward players, coaches, spectators, guests or anyone else

No heckling of game officials, coaches or players

Absolutely no spectators shall be allowed inside the fence during practices or on game days

Absolutely no alcoholic beverages are permitted during practice or games

The unacceptable behavior of a single spectator could endanger the continued participation of our entire group of children in this league.  Consequently, any person who violates any one or all of the “Zero Tolerance Spectator Rules of Conduct” will cause themselves and possibly their participating child/children to be immediately expelled from the CFA Football League.


 1-A – Bench Flags

a. All bench flags that result in an ejection must be reported to the Commissioner within 48 hours. If known, the name of the coach who the received the bench flag and the official’s name who threw the flag should accompany the report.